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Marmocchi Angiolino srl was established away back in 1956 by Angiolino Marmocchi.

The core business of the company is the trade of potatoes and onions home growing or imported from foreign country. They can be sold packed or unpacked.

Over the years business has been constantly increased: the area of preservation of food has been started since 1978, the packing one since 1982.

At the present time, the Company is ruled by the son of its founder, Davide.

The main company office is settled in Santa Maria Codifiume, in Argenta (FE). This plant is also composed by a big covered cold store of 6.000 sq, the processing area with its 12 workers, 2 wide anti-refrigerating rooms where packed products, wait for dispatch, 1 drying room for onions and 12 refrigerating rooms with a storage capacity of 75.000 quintal of product.


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