In our opinion, the greatest quality is first of all the selection of the product right from beginning.

Then we focus on the preservation of product. It immediately starts after harvest and goes on in our refrigerating rooms where we can assure the best and most constant quality.

Another main production step is packing. We make every effort to renew and develop this division, in order to offer the best product to our customers.

Moreover, we have been involving in the traceability matter for ten years, long time before it became the key concept in the food processing.

The trade is oriented to a tight customer service view, grounded on a concept easy and at the same time deeply evolved about product concept: we invest our technical knowledge and skills in the selection of different variety in order to offer to our customer the best and widest range of potatoes for every use.

This policy allow us to satisfy both the customer, offering ever fresh and multiple-choice product both the buyer, assuring faster turnover in stores.