Year 1999

After the entry in the D.O., the company felt the need to communicate directly to customer in order to point out the qualitative excellence of its products.

The first step was the restyling of the company logo and at the same time the study of a new look for the packaging best seller in that period.

Year 2002

We introduced Potatoes packed in Box. This brand new and revolutionary concept was supported by a national communication campaign oriented to the trade (trade magazine) and to final customer (outsider communication).

Year 2005

The concept of potatoes preserved from light became a brand with the introduction of the Blind Pack: a packaging that join the well known care of the company for the product with the innovation of packaging and its materials.

The great success that Marmocchi’s potatoes met on the Sicily market, partially affected till then by commercial strategies of the Company, was supported by two television commercials, broadcasted on local stations.