The Company Marmocchi Angiolino is one of the most active member of The Good Ideas Consortium. The Consortium has been giving for some years the actual solution to the customers need for health and wellbeing. It launched on the market SELENELLA, the new potato naturally enriched in Selenium, obtained thanks to a longstanding and tireless work and without any genetic manipulation.

This proposal roused customers’ interest so much that the same process has been applied also to the Onion.

Selenella is produced by several methods that minimize the use of chemical synthetic products (fertilizers and pesticides).

This proceeding is both to environment and workers benefit, and it also allows to obtain the production with a very low level of chemical dross.

Selenella is safe, because it is produced by a well controlled process and because it is free from GMO; it is also healthy because of Selenium benefits for the human body.

Selenella is the potato rich in Selenium, a very important element because it contrasts some cardiovascular diseases and it delays the cell ageing process.

Getting older, human organism produces smaller quantity of cellular energy; it entails a lower defence capacity against free radicals and higher disease risk.

In order to defend itself from these risks, human body needs antioxidant substances that fight this process, like Selunium.

Taking every day the right quantity of Selenium is the way to prevent ageing process, respect its own body and take care of itself.

Selenium is naturally contained in food we eat. However our daily diet is not enough to cover the optimal demand of our organism. Selenella Potato is a great help to naturally increase Selenium quantity in our diet.